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Where do I start?
I have just started writing a personal statement to apply to a science degree and really don't know how to begin (not very good at english). If there is anyone out there who could help me start, I would be very, very, very grateful! :o
what is your favourite part of the particular science you are doing. Is there a particular area you really want to study at univeristy?
I really enjoy chemistry and biology
No, that's a subject as a whole. I mean, is there a particular area you enjoy most which you would study at university. I enjoy physics, but I really want to study Quantum Electrodynamics at university, which will be a part of my uni course. What particular area do you enjoy? Be specific!
I did a degree in Genetics, so would be happy to have a look at anything you do write.

On the whole, leave the opening sentence til last. It's easier to do when you know what you've written!

I've thought about haematology, toxicology and radiology
I like toxicology! It's why I'm thinking of pharmacology - drug action, poisons etc fun fun Wink Discuss the aspect you like then - ahh you can talk about the flesh-digesting enzyme the rattle snake has in its poison! How it digests the cells as it goes and breaks down the wall of the blood vessells! Or the violin spider with its cell-digesting poison that causes horrifying disfiguration. Interesting aspects lol. I just started mine with discussing a brain disease I like cus mine is half medically related, based on half medicine, half pharmacology and now switching to Natural Science.

So exactly what degree are you doing? It'd make life much easier - specify everything according to your course. The usual.

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