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actuarial science
i got ABB in my AS but math is B. Is it possible for me to apply for actuarial science
I would think so - I got a B in maths and went on to do a joint degree in maths!

A quick bit of investiagtion at says Kent want an A in maths, Southampton want a B and Warwick want an A, so that's already one place and Kent might be willing to negotiate. You might also want to broaden your criteria, as there arn't that many places offering straight acturial science.
which course did you choose? and which university?
yes it should be fine as long as you have a good strong personal statement
I doubt you are capable to do Actuarial Science with just a B in Maths, no offence.
it mainly depends what course and university you choose but it should definately be possible
Are you sure Warwick do actuarial science, it doesn't say so in their prospectus...

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