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Is it possible to apply for 3 totally different courses?
I want to apply for Optometry, Management and Accounting, and Natural Sciences all at different universities.

3 Uni's for Natural Sciences, 2 for optometry and the 1 for the Management and Accounting.

Therefore my personal statement will be based on natural sciences. However, I heard that I can write another personal statement and send that off along with the other one or something like that?!

Is this possible because I really like all three courses!
PLEASE HELP im so confused!!!!

It is indeed possible to apply for all three courses.

But I am unsure about the extra personal statement.

Some unis will accept it and some will not...its better that your call up the repected uni and ask for their advise.

May I as why are you basing your personal statement on natural sciences? Is this the main course yours hoping to study? Or is it just the fact that your applying for 3 natural science course?

Word of advise optometry is a very competive course and I dont think they will take it lightly if you base all your personal statement on natural science and not much on optometry.

Good luck
You can send another written personal statement to the university with your application. It would be best to contact the university to notify them of this.

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