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I failed uni now want to go do i explain that?
I was studying French and Spanish for a year but failed, then my parents were really disappointed so I decided to try again..... four months later I dropped out!!!
Now, I'm in a job that I really dislike as people treat you like dirt if you don't have a degree! So I've decided to go back to a different uni to study Secondary French Teaching. How do I explain my previous troubles in uni in my personal statement? Is any uni going to trust me to finish my degree, even though I know that I want to do it now. I know that I will become a fab French teacher, but how do I convince them of that?!!!!
Sorry for the confusion!
My son was in the same boat - except he spent THREE years doing German and Linguistics before he failed his exams! Now doing music performance and loving every minute of it. Blame the dropping out to lack of maturity...maybe you were not sure of a future career aim so didn't have the motivation to finish. NOW, of course, you are really committed to becoming a teacher etc, etc

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