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I'm only applying for one university. Can I mention why I chose it?
I know personal stataments are usually about why you want to do the course, and why you're suited for the course, but if I'm only applying for one university should I mention why I chose that one university?

Also, I've just dropped out of a biology degree as I was not enjoying the course. The course i'm applying to do is animal conservation. Should I mention that I have previously started a degree but left, and if so how do I explain why I left in a way which makes it sound positive?

Thanks =)
If you tried to suck up to the university too much then I suppose it's no good. Moreover, I suspect that admissions officers are far more interested in your insight in the subject than in the reasons you chose that university. They use interviews for that reason.

Not sure how dropping out of biology could be phrased positively. Once again - I think that is more suited to interview responses as opposed to personal statements. It would be good to have a justified reason as to why you've changed courses though - citing things like maturity and responsibility for your education.

Get opinions from other people though. I've not experienced your situation, but have tried to put myself in your shoes to give a decent response. I hope it's helpful.

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