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comment on my PS for photography?
I have decided to study photography in England because it's an area of study that does not have great importance in my country. English courses are well-structured, modern and I think they are the best to shape me for my professional life. Moreover, they will help me to compare with other young artists, in an athmospere full of inspiration.

Photography is the most stimulating thing in life to me. It allows me to show everyone the world as I see it, or as I want to see it. Through a lens, I feel like I can modify everything just using my hands. It's like the world is an infinite tableau, and I can arrange it the way I want it.
Through a picture, I can make people feel something. Any emotion, from amazement to fright. Making someone else's heart change its beatrate is a sensation nothing compares to, and it's definetely what I want to do for a living. I could not live without the emotions and the motivations photography gives me. Expressing myself through this kind of art is something I need just like the air I breathe. I constantly feel the need to say my opinion, to create something, to experiment new techniques. All the rest is almost worthless. Anywhere I am, I observe my surroundings with eyes wide open: I give attention to every detail, to every colour, my eyes become the lens of my camera, and I look at every little thing with a different point of view to make it interesting.

I already have a little experience in the world of photography. I have worked during a full year for a society that held concerts for young bands. I had to take pictures of them playing live, then ritouch them and hand them over the next day, because the pictures were published on local newspapers and many websites. Since I had school, I also managed to complete all my homework and study for the next day. This taught me to be responsible for my own work by using a well-organized timetable, to be able to fit the requests of my employers, and to work in team with other people. Subtracting time to social life and even sleep, I have learnt how the world of work is hard and wild, also dealing with competition with other artists, but still I realized all the toil is worth it. In 2010, the same society called me back for another year of work, that this time will take me around the whole country.
I am not a professionist, but I am very determined and I will study as hard as I can to become one.
I also had volounteering experiences, like hosting stands for chairity, collecting signatures for different causes, cooking and giving consumables to poor and homeless people, learning to work in team with various people, to interact with strangers and persuade them to join my causes, and to observe the many meanings the word "life" can have.

Living abroad will help me to improve my English language, to become more responsible for basic needs (such as keeping a house and paying the bills), and to fit with the laws and culture of a country different than mine.
I believe that your courses will shape not only into an adult, but also into a professionist and a person with a personal critical sense, pushing me to develop my skills, but still letting my own inspiration free.
! Nice PS ! Perfect size and very good english! What schools did u apply to?
two courses at the university of the arts of london, one at wesminster university, then university of kent and kingston university Smile
Pretty good - a few more drafts and you'll be ready. Smile

Just a note though, you keep saying "I". Perhaps it would be wise to consider how you could contribute to the university? What would enrich the university by allowing you to enrol?

Just a thought though - apart from that, nothing much I can say.

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