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Please advise me on my PS - Be brutal! :)
My interest in all forms of creative design has been with me from a young age, which is why when I got the opportunity to study 3D Design on a National Diploma course I jumped at the chance; during the course I've studied the design fields of product design, interior design and architecture; which has grown to be my main passion. I feel it allows me to incorporate my personal qualities such as my open and inquisitive mind, a fascination for various cultures & environments, an interest in solving practical and mathematical problems, along with my academic studies.

During my academic and personal research I have gained many crucial skills, and absorbed a vast amount of knowledge that is hugely beneficial to a career in architecture. My interest in IT has always been a factor that stands me out from the crowd. Understanding and effectively using many programs such as Macromedia series, adobe photoshop, and various 3D rendering programs has always given me an edge among my peers. Having researched into various architects, their methods of design, creativity, awareness of the environment and meaning behind a there designs; it has opened my mind up to the true meaning of architecture; Along with other research I feel that I've obtained a great understanding of architecture, and its importance in everyday life.

"Feel the fear and do it anyway" has always been a saying I try to live too; this and my open-minded approach to everyday life has put me in challenging positions. An example of this was when I applied to be a barman at a local pub, at first I was scared and apprehensive about the job, but this was short-lived as I realised that I can do anything if I put my mind to it; also working behind a bar has proven a great experience as I am much more of a people person, and can communicate with a wide range of people.
My passion for travelling and experiencing new cultures led me to travel to Spain in the summer of 2008 and get a summer job, which was taking pictures in nightclubs and bars for a popular website. I was there for 3 months working and exploring the country. This has changed my outlook on life considerably, I realise that there is a huge world out there, and the thought of being able to work with those cultures along with my creative and architectural designs has become a dream I want to live.

My commitment and drive for learning new skills has extended into my interest in sports. I regularly go rock climbing at the local sports centre. I have undertaken Ju-Jistu lessons for almost 7 years, obtaining a very high grading. I am planning on doing a skydive in the near future to raise money for a local hospice where cancer patients are supported through there ordeal. I also have my PADI license which allows me to scuba dive un-aided.

University is the crucial point of my journey, to becoming an environmentally & culturally aware architect. I know that my enthusiasm, dedication and thirst for knowledge towards the subject will lead me to become a successful architect. I can't wait to start this journey and begin participating in a hugely rewarding and self fulfilling course.

There it is; Obviously i don't think it's too bad - but you never know! All advice is good! Be brutal, tear it apart! Need it to rock! Thanks!


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