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Need some help please!
I'm living in Ireland and I really want to do occupational therapy but there are only 3 colleges here that have it. Hopefully I won't have to leave home but I'm applying to some UK colleges as a back up. Should I mention that it's my backup in my personal statement to show that I really want to do the course or would they be less likely to offer me a place knowing that I'm likely to turn it down?

Also, I noticed that a lot of colleges expect you to have done a fair bit of work experience. I've only done one week in OT and a week in a centre for adults with physical disabilities. Would that be enough?
Hi ragdoll, welcome to the board Big Grin

I wouldn't mention that any course I'm applying to is only a back-up, just in case Wink Just write your statement so that it sounds you would happily take a place at any of the colleges.

As for the work experience, I can't really say if what you have listed is enough, as "a fair bit" is a rather vague description. Perhaps as well as describing work experience you've already completed, you could write about future work experience you plan to arrange before you start college? This might help your application if they are expecting you to have completed, say, at least a month's worth of work experience.
Thanks for your help! None of the college's say how much exactly just things like 'relevent work experience would be advantageous' or 'applicants must have relevent work experience'. Hopefully what I've done will be ok!
In that case, what you've already done sounds fine Smile but hey, no harm in showing your enthusiasm by mentioning work experience you hope to do in the future Wink

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