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Applying for management & Acc + Finance so how do i go about my personal statement?
Im applying to 3 unis for acc+finance and in 3 i want to apply for management courses. So how am i supposed to go about my personal statement.
Acc + Finance -
1. LSE
2. Warwick
3. Bristol

Management -
1. Bath
2. Aston

PLEASE help me out im very late already! Sad
First what's your reason for applying for different courses at so many universities? Do some of the universities on your list not do Accounting and Finance or Management, or are the courses of similar content?

With the exception of Aston, all these universities are pretty high up in the legue tables and competition may be fierce, particularly at LSE, Warwick and Imperial. Given that, It might be worth just focusing on Accounting and Finance, but making clear you have the skills/experiance needed for a management course.
First of all,Thanks for the reply.
The course im most interested and capable to do is Accounting and finance, i got 300/300 in GCE AS Accounting and 283/300 in AS Pure Math so that should give me an advantage in this course as im very gud with numbers.Also got an A in o level accounting and a B in Math.
My other grades in AS were 206/300 in eco which im regiving to improve and B in Business Studies.

I definately want to apply to Warwick,LSE and Bristol as they are top for Accounting and Finance.
Bath does offer Acc + Fin but its a new course there. However its 1 of the best for management and has an interesting thin sanwich degree.
so do you think i should apply here for da new acc +fin course?

Also,i was looking at imperial as a safety college as their requirements are only BBB for management course(they donot have acc + fin) and its obviously a very good university.

And about aston, Business and Management(BAM) and Accounting for Management(AFM) are the 2 courses i was looking at. BAM is a much better course but 1 of my friends suggested me 2 apply for AFM just because of my personal statement and that i could change my course in the 2nd yr to BAM since their first year for business course are common.

So what do u think i should do?
Your grades seem pretty good, and you obviously want to do Accounting and Finance, so I would focus on that in the personal statement.

With regard to what you actually apply for - it's up to you really, but you might want to try and maximise your chance of getting offers as course swapping is quite common at many universities, so it wouldn't be a big deal for you to swap courses later. This would probably mean applying for A/F courses on your personal statement.

If you're really concerned ring up the admissions tutors for Bath, Imperial and Ason, and explain your situation, they'll be able to give you advice on what to do and probably tell you a bit more about the courses to help you make up your mind.

Good luck!
Alright, i think ill do that,im sure the admission tutors will be able to help me out.
Thanks alot though for your thoughts and time.
C ya

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