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Hey all.

So I'm finishing up my personal statement and I've been struggling with an issue. I attended university straight from school to study biochem, but for a variety of reasons I dropped out two years in, and began full time work instead. Now I'm applying to universities again, but for an entirely different subject.

Its likely an obvious question, but one I've not managed to find an answer for yet. To what extent should I discuss this in my Personal Statement?

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.
Well personally i wouldnt go into it unless it paints you in a good light.

If you can turn your experience around and put it into words about how the experience has shown you how important university is and how committed you would be now, then put it in. But dont focus too much on it.
I'd probably mention about how your work experience has helped you focus and that you understand what you did. Afterall you've probably learnt quite a lot from this and you are now more mature and ready to focus on studying and learning.

As iJakings said, don't concentrate on it too much, but you still need to mention it.
I agree with those guys, personally, id keep my mouth ***Filtered*** about it though. What they don't know cant hurt them right!

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