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Appealing to LSE?
Hey y'all,

Here's the thing - I know someone who just got rejected by LSE (bare sad~ scared for me) for BSc Economics. Apparently, they have a policy where they don't have to tell you why they rejected you, but she's thinking of writing to them anyway. Is there anything she can say to convince them to tell her why?

Her second idea was to appeal. If she found out that her GCSEs were the problem, she was going to explain that she could have done better (she went to a really crappy secondary school - does that matter?). Can you actually do this? What could she say so they could reconsider her application? Has it been done before?!

I just don't want her to do anything stupd ~ she was very stressed when these ideas came to mind.
I would think it's unlikely LSE will tell you much, they probably make a lot of rejections and it would be a lot of work for them to reply to everyone individually.

I think the best thing to do would be to have a read through the LSE admissions information and see if there's any areas where your friend hasn't met the minimum criteria. It's worth noticing the expect 3 A's at A-level, so that's already a very high minium.

I suppose your friend could try writing to them and asking for an explanation, but I doubt she would get one, and she might not even get a response. Maybe other applicants have different experainces but I got rejected from LSE, but got five other offers from places like Oxford and UCL.

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