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UCAS Form Question:
I have a problem filling in this field in my UCAS Card form:

Date of first entry to live in UK
(if not born in the UK*)

I don't get it. I'm from Bulgaria and have never been to the UK before and now I am applying for a place in a university to study there next year. In the help box it says:

"Date of first entry to the UK (if not born in UK)
If you were not born in the UK, please give the date when you entered the country to live here. If you are not currently living in the UK, please enter the date you expect to enter the UK to start your course. If you have already moved to the UK, the date you arrived might be stamped in your passport and/or on other papers used to gain admission to the UK."

But how am I supposed to know on what exact date I will enter the UK?

Any ideas?

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