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should i mention this in my PS
i left school at the age of 17 as i was suffering from depression and i was self harming. at 22 i started college doing alevels so that i could go on to university. it's taken a long time for me to get my life together and i now feel ready to go to uni. the problem is i'm going to be 24 when i go and i feel that i should explain in my ps why i left school when i did and why i've decided to go to uni now. should i be straight and write the above reasons or should i leave it out?
i wouldnt not that there is anything to be ashamed of lots of ppl dont enter as a mature student me 4 1 ! i would just say words to the effect of you took some time out 4 self discovery ( positivety looks good on paper) explain what u did for work 4 example or why you would like to do this course i had 2 children and a hectic life but i didnt want to come across woe is me i just thought of all the positives, why i am passionate about what i want to do ect wat are you wanting to study by the way ?
i want to do a degree in english literature
Hi- if this problem is truly behind you then you probably don't need to mention it now. However if you are stil on medication or still have bouts of depression then you should. Its nothing to be that ashamed of - depression is pretty darn common these days (sadly) and your Uni will want to look after you. It won't be able to do this if it doesn't know. If you are worried then perhaps you'd feel more comfortable speaking about it when you visit instead of putting it in text, but if its a rumbling issue then they will want to know.
just wanted to say thank you for the advice it really helped me to finish my personal statement

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