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Ancient/History PS help
i am going to apply to do ancient history at, i think, about 4 of my 6 choices. but the other to unis dont do ancient hist. so i am applying to do just history. i have written my ps towards a hist, not so much ancient hist. and i know this sounds backward as 4 are ancient history. but it is harder to wirte on for ancient hist and still sound really interested in pure history, but not as hard vica versa.
to the point can anyone give abit of guidence whether this is a good idea or not?
thats the same for me, im writing more about ancient history as opposed to History. I choose mostly ancient history to study so im sure the obv answer would be to write about that more?

any gd?
thanks for that. it is always nice to know your not the only one!Big Grin
i think i will do the same as you.
btw where you appling to??

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