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How do you write a PS for different courses?
I will hopefully be applying for on the whole mathematics and economics, however I will be applying for economics at Cambridge. Should I make my PS more economics orientated or should I write about maths and economics, and then write about just economics in the CAF?

Oddly enough I applied for maths and economics to all my unis except for Oxford (Economics and management), so was in a pretty similar situation a couple of years ago. My personal statement was targeted at economics , but I tried to get the point across that I enjoyed maths and had the necessaary mathematical skills. I didn't write anything extra on the Oxford application form - we were advised not to by my school unless we had anything really important to say - and managed to get 5 out of 6 offers. (Check out my PS and offers by clicking on my name next to this post)

Overall I think it depends on which unis you want to go to and which you think might accept you. It might be worth trying to target your ps at the more competitive unis, and hope the less competitive ones give you an offer based on your grades.
I would tweek it so you can maybe talk about economics-related maths! I had applied to 5 different courses - all medical related - the range were Natural Science, Pathobiology, Neuroscience, Pharmacology and Medical Science - and I got 5 offers Smile What I did was I tweeked it very finely so it talked about all those subjects, but I targetted a little bit at Pharmacology cus I thought I *might* want to do it at uni. I couldn't make up my mind as you may've gathered. My only rejection was Cambridge and that was cus I failed miserably at my interview - was too nervous my head went blank. Got offers from Bristol, Nottingham, Reading, Manchester and Leeds - so they're respectable unis Smile

Just target it at more economics if that's what you might wanna do most - or if you wanna get into Cambridge maybe to do econ.

Btw I don't think Cambridge bothers much about your personal statement anyway - just make sure your admissions tests/essays are good and you star at the interview, and you get the grades at AS and A2. The interview is what you need to worry about. Read round the subject - tis why I failed I didn't recap on my AS!!! - and don't worry too much about your PS.

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