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Studyzones personal statement review
Hi Tom,

Personal Statements are made available after 1 year on from the upload. 2 years for coursework. 3 months for homework.

We are working on an option for those who never want to make their work public.

Thanks for the review.


i used this for my personal statement and got some good advice
I just went through some of the personal statements in the "Sample Work" section of . Some of these statements have been uploaded in 2005. So, I guess the policy of publishing the statements after one year of uploading is not working
You might want to be careful with any data you give to studyzones. It looks like a company but seems to have no obvious way of making money such as charging or sponsorship but seem to have a lot of teachers employed answering questions. I'd be interested to know more about thier business model.
#7 Wrote:Ok here is what was happening...

Well done for sorting this out - Studyzones is a great resource, though you don't seem particularly open about how you work, so it might be understandable that me and other students wonder how you work. A blog or forum might go some way into easing your users minds and encouraging a community.

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