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Value of statement
Hi, i currently was declined a place at UCL. I wanted to do economics there. I have excellent grades and a good statement ( thats what teachers at the school have been telling me at least).

I got 4 A's in AS (Maths,Russian,Computing,Economics)
I already have 2 A2 a's in russian and maths (took them a year early)
and i am predicted A's for my A2 subjects - Economics, Computing and Further Maths.

Is it normal to get a decline from UCL so early? I think my grades are quite good so the only thing that could have flawed my application should've been the statement. Does it really have such a high value?

Also should i give up if i am getting rejected by UCL, but am awaiting decisions by LSE and Oxford???
If you didn't get an interview I guess your statement could really have let you down (there's also the teachers reference but by the sound of it your teachers would have written a pretty good one), but it could also be your choice of subject - maths, f maths and CS imply your more of a sciencey person than a social sciences person (I'm sure that's not true but admissions tutors don't have much to go on either). The tutor may have been looking for someone with more essay based subjects at A-level.

Admissions tutors don't actually have that much information they can look at - most people applying to UCL for economics will have good grades so the PS and interview are the only thing to distinguish candidates - maybe if you didn't get across your love of social sciences in the PS the admissions tutor passed you over.

Don't dispair though, this isn't likely to be a problem everywhere - many economics courses have a lot of maths content where your chosen subjects will put you at an advantage to those with shakier maths skills.

As an aside - I applied for E&M at Oxford and was offered a place with similar A-levels and lower predicted grade than you (Maths, Economics Physics, Further maths AS).
Now i feel depressed. I Have five subjects hoping to get all A's, have apllied to UCl, LSe ect......
Hopefully LSE (which is a better school for economics) would accept you... Fingers Crossed... I am trying to apply for a BioMedical Engineering or Chemical/BioChemical Engineering courses throughout the UK... Dont know what my chances are... Didnt study a bit for my OLevels, got straight A's and a couple of A* ... Thought that AS level is the same... Then hit rock bottom!
=( I am resitting all my exams in january... I have been taught a lesson here, better now than later imo... Anyways... GoodLuck
Quote:As an aside - I applied for E&M at Oxford and was offered a place with similar A-levels and lower predicted grade than you (Maths, Economics Physics, Further maths AS).

What were you predicted, AAAB?
Quote:What were you predicted, AAAB?

AAAa - with the last a only being an AS level. I was considering it "lower" than the original poster as he/she is doing 5 A-levels.
Well if i had to write the statement again i'd probably write it the same as i am happy with it. Got some nice offers and an interview at Oxford so i've put this UCL business behind me. Thanks for the replies.
Well done! When your Oxford interview by the way? Let us know how you get on.
aw that's so good - i think ucl are being a bit picky this year! i know a completely perfectly qualified englsihy candidate with a brilliant personal statement who didn't even get an interview from there!

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