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Any one applying for History? Heres something that might interest you...
Here are a few quotes from an article in the October 2006 BBC History magazine about what history tutors want to see in prospective students (stressing on PS's in particular)

"The best PS that Michael Snape (admissions tutor at Birmingham) read on an application..."I first decided to study history at uni when I had a glass of scotch with my grandfather and he told me about what he did in Burma during WWII"...He an marry my daughter for that says Dr Snape...the statement made the applicant instantly stand out from the rest of the applications. It showed independence of mind, style, a glimpse into the applicants personality and a true engagement with the subject of history"

"Clive Holmes, admissions officer in history at Oxford says he has noticed references (from teachers) becomming more formulaic and cautious....the key is honesty...if the student has had various problems then say so and say what impact this has had."

"Brendan Smith (Bristol Uni) - "We are anxious not to take people who have peaked already."
"Studying History is all about critical, independent thought and research and accordingly this is what tutors want to see evidence of"

"Dr Snape "What I need to see is genuine engagement with the subject outside of what they have to do""

"Prof Nick Higham (Manchester) - "Universities take a dime view of students who try to change from joint to single honours.""

Dr Simon Hall (Leeds) on interviews - "...those who appear confident, thoughtful and enthusiastic and are prepared to ask questions are most likely to impress".

This is just a fraction of the original article but if anyone wishes to get some more info then feel free to PM me....

Hey, seems like some useful advice - do you know if the entire article online somewhere?
Ive tried to look for it on the Internet but there seems to be nothing about the article online.

The person who wrote the article is called Harriet Swain, who is a freelance writer specialising in higher education and research. She was also the editor of a thought provoking book called Big Questions in History, which seems like an ideal book for anyone intrested in studying History as it answers questions that would most likely come up at interviews. The Amazon link is below if anyone wants to have a look.

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