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Too broad a statement?
Im applying to Oxford for PPE, 3 others for politics and economics, and LSE for Politics and History

Im worried my statement will be too broad if I try to cater too all these unis wants. Would it make sense to change my Politics and History app for LSE?
Yes, I am having the same problem.

I'm applying to do SPS at Cambridge, Politics & Sociology at Warwick, and Social Anthropology and Philosophy at St. Andrews. How do I encorporate all these subjects into my personal statement?!

Its driving me crazy...everyone is telling me to be really specific, but I can't! Any advice would be greatly appriciated...
lol come on guys help us out!

i might just not apply to LSE now...
Hmm, it looks like we might not get any answers! Since we're both applying to Oxbridge, our app deadlines are comming up and we don't have much time. I don't know if it'll be of much help, but here is what I've decided to do.

Im sure admission tutors know full well that most students really don't know what they want to do, and I'm sure they're used to seeing personal statements with kids pretending to know all about something they're really not that in to because their parents think it would be best. SO, I would say the best way to go for us would be to be completely honest. Tell them about everything you're interested in, and if you get an interview, explain that you are interested in all of these subjects, but havent decided on which one you're going to focus on. No one can blame a 17 year old for not knowing what they want to be!

Hope this helpsSmile
Since politics features in all choices, make your statment focus on politics, with a bit of additional information directed at the other subjects.
Applications are flying out fast - make sure you send yours off as soon as possible.

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