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re applying to Oxford
Currently in the process of re-applying to Oxford. Would anyone have any advice on if it would be best to apply through open application - I picked Somerville which I gather is rather competitive for English?
Should I build up on some work experience related to English - will take a gap year as at the end of schooling now?
Would be grateful for any advice on College selection or Open appl as desperate to go...
While applying to a more competitive college might make it harder to get in, the admissions tutors do their best to ensure that all candidates receive fair consideration, irrespective of their college of application.

Applying to a more competitive college will make it more likely that you will have to stay for a few nights and get interviewed at various colleges. If the specific college you apply to accepts you or rejects you outright from oxford, however, you get to go home the next morning. I was very glad of this, as I found the whole experience rather unpleasant.

You also have to remember that, with an open application, you could end up at a college you would not have chosen. Even if there's only a couple of colleges you wouldn't like, you could get them.
I reapplied as well, last year. I submitted an open application since I wasn't very particular about the college I would go to. I went to interviews and I loved it, I got interviewed at two colleges, Harris Manchester and Lady Margaret and I eventually got admitted to Harris.

I think an open application is the best way to go if there aren't colleges that you absolutely hate and be miserable if you get there, though I can't imagine there'll be one, all of them are pretty cool. But that's just me.

And the best advice is relax! I know it sounds so cliche, but it really works, especially in essays and interviews. You will be at your best when relaxed. And the best way to achieve this is to think of an alternative to Oxford which you want just as bad. Like another uni or a job or a gap year or anything Smile

Good luck!
i agree to josie, but still i would not send an open application, because u might still end up at a very competitive college, they all get some. look at admissions statistics if u want to find out where most people apply. but afterall, the college choice is not that important i think. i will apply to univ.

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