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Academic Record
Dear Studential,

I was wondering if anyone would assist me in preparing a personal statement to the Admissions Committee regarding why my GPA went down at a previous institution. I basically have the framework set up, but I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on how to start off the letter (the introduction) and going from there. I have writers block at the moment. I'm just not really sure how to start off the letter. If anyone has any assistance, it would be greatly appreciated.

You probably need to explain what you mean... even I have no idea what a GPA is!
I assume a GPA is a grade point average, though I've never heard the term being used in the UK. Studential is predominatly a UK site and as such we have no experaince with universities or schooling systems in other countires.

The first thing to tell us though is why your GPA did go down - and then figure out a way to make the truth look good. We can't start making up reasons when we don't know anything about you.

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