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Mention skills gained?
Ive basically finished my P.S and decided that i'll study an economics related degree. So far, ive decided that im gonna apply to LSE, UCL, Warwick and SOAS and was just wondering that would you need to mention the skills that you gain from for example, volunteering?...or work experience in ur personal statement? as i believe that naming these are a little repetitive..and really do seem like a waste of the limited amount of writing space... what do you think???

It's a bit of a balancing act - you don't want to mention every skill you've learnt from every extra-curricular activity or bit of work experience, but on the other hand you don't want to just have a shopping list of what you've done with no indication of why you did it.

My advice is try and pick activities which show off a different individual skills, then you only need explain each skill once - if you have other EC's which you want included you could ask your referee to include it.

Also have a look at some sample personal statements to see what other people have done.

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