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Too pretentious?
Hi. I'm reapplying through UCAS this year to (hopefully) study English Literature. When I applied last year I opened my personal statement with a quote from Keats - "words are images of thoughts refined / is my soul's pleasure and it sure must be / almost the highest bliss of human kind". I'm trying to demonstrate my love of Eng Lit, without sounding like everyone else. Anyone who's applying for Eng knows how competitive it is, so I need some originality!

Does that quote sound too pretentious? Or is it a good opening? Opinions needed!
It sounds alright as quotes go, but you also need to think about how you're going to work it into your statement. Are you going to start with "Keats said..." or lauch straight into the quote? Also what's going to come next - you'll need to justify including this quote somehow.

I would generally advise against using quotes though - how is your statement going to be original if you're using words someone else has written?

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