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Media Communications Statement
Hi im new hear, and i was just wondering what is a good way to introduce your statement, and how to end it properly.
Also how many words should it be, is there a certain amount?

Thanks alot.

Hi - i think the general consensus is to introduce the statement by syaing what interests you about it and why. maybe you could tell us what the subject is? ending is a cnclusion of why studying the subject as university will be good for u and the university perhaps. there's a guide on this website that might be quite useful to you, and some example personal statements

the limit i believe it 47 lines with a cut off od 93 characters per line, and overall the statement cannot be more than 4000 characters including spaces. which i think works out at between 5 and 6 hundred words usually. something like that
Thanks alot for that, i will write one up tonight or tomorrow and post it up later for all to see!


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