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general personal statement stress!
Stick with your subject - you wanna show commitment, not you're all over the place (like me). Make whatever your say relevant to your subject - lol I managed to put in my children's work into a science personal statement. I mentioned the kids only once and got on with talking about team work and how useful that is for research, uni and jobs. Maybe mention English in relation to Philosophy, or put it in your "irrelevant" work experience or hobby section cus that's what I did. I know someone who applied for Theology - which I think is similar to Philosophy isn't it? - and I think he basically discussed Theology and wrote a bit of a debate. Never read his statement no idea how good it is, but hey he's studying Theology now so he got accepted, which is most important!

Don't stress too much about it - it's not worth it. I had a hell of a week stressing about my personal statement it's bad for you. But it's all sent and done now and now I'm worrying about interviews Sad *sigh*

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