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Personal statement - Saz - 23/08/2004

I'm starting to think about writing my PS but don't know where to start. I know I want to go into biology/chemistry in university but don't know which course. Also, how should I start my personal statement off - I'm not very good at english. I got A's in maths, physics and chemistry, and am appealing for english.

RE: Personal statement - Willa - 24/08/2004

biochemistry perhaps?

You need to highlight a particular topic of interest, part of the course you would study at university. That is how you start your PS, talking about a particular area which interests you.

RE: Personal statement - Pencil Queen - 24/08/2004

I found this guidance very helpful on what to include and what to exclude from a PS and the sort of tone to use:
It's designed for earth sciences but it holds true for pretty much any subject.