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about my personal statement - Phil - 25/02/2004

im worrying a bit about my personal statement for next year. i do nearly nothing in sixth form - will no unis accept me? is it ok to lie to improve it a bit?

RE: about my personal statement - ijakings - 26/02/2004

Don't worry about it too much - around 50% of your personal statment should be why you want to take your course at uni and why your interested in the subject, so you can still talk about that. Even if you haven'y done much in thr 6th form you must still have some talents or abilites which show responsibility, relability or abiliity to work under preassure.

You don't have to say things like i was school prefect, in the debating society or you've done a DoE. just normal things like babysitting or helping out at school or home show you are responsible.

On the subject of lieing - I wouldn't advise anyone to lie, but if you think you can get away with it, then do. Just remember you mau need to back it up in the interview. Don't lie about books you've read or languages you can speak - you could easily come unstuck - if you lie about magazines or publications you read make sure you read a copy before the interview just in case.

These are just my opinions - it's you statement - write what you want.