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When to send UCAS form - Joanna - 09/10/2004

Is it better to get your UCAS form sent off early? My careers advisor in school wants to send them all off together, and doesn't plan to send them away until December. I have mine finished, and I'm a little worried whether or not I may have less of a chance getting offers if he waits until December. Can anyone tell me if it makes a difference?

RE: When to send UCAS form - Willa - 09/10/2004

Technically, all applications made by the deadline will be given equal treatment. However, this is only what is MEANT to happen. The sooner you get your application in, the better...especially if you believe you are a reasonably strong student. This is of utmost importance is applying to durham or a similar collegiate style university, where places at colleges are limited. I would ask your careers advisor if he/she can think about what is actually best for the student, rather than what is best for their timetable!

RE: When to send UCAS form - Joanna - 10/10/2004

Thanks. Thats what i had feared. I have spoke to him already about it but he seems determined to insist that legally they cannot discriminate against you for sending the application in later, and seems to think sending it in on January is fine. Thanks for the help anyway!

RE: When to send UCAS form - Guest - 29/10/2004

You should send it now especially if your subject is really competitive. Because Iknow 2 girls who have already got offers and they are applying for Law and Business Management

RE: When to send UCAS form - Jamil - 11/11/2004

I am applying for Business Management wanted to know where did they apply too.