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hi,is there anybody who has 15mins? - kersplatt - 06/10/2004

hi, i feel really cheecky asking someone 2 do this 4 me, but im in dire need of some help from sum1 who knows what they r talking about!! iv just written my personal statement but it needs alot of TLC. is there anybody whho can take a look for me please? id appreciate any feedback at all. im applying for an english degree and am looking at sussex, exeter, bristol and cardiff...but i need my personal statement 2 b very good 4 these unis!! thanks every1 hannah ***Filtered***

--- - CM - 08/10/2004

I'd be happy to take a look for you!

RE: --- - kersplatt - 08/10/2004

thank you, thats really good of you 2 do that. i think the main thing, is that it needs to be cut down. its about 66 lines and has to be 47-or something, so if you can see anywhere where iv repeated myself or "gone on" it'd great if you could point that out for me..btw, who are you?are you appliyng yourself or are you already at uni?

RE: - CM - 10/10/2004

I'm applying myself at the moment, but like you I had exactly the same problem! I had to cut down mine quiet a bit, so I can will easily be able to tell you bits which you can loose!

Um I'm not sure how I'm gonna be able to give you my email though, or how you will send me your PS. Maybe one of the moderators can help us?

RE: hi,is there anybody who has 15mins? - Guest - 10/10/2004

hi..sorry, this site seems to be abit crazy at the moment coz it wont ley me log in, but its me (kersplatt) Smile aaaanyway, so what r u planing to study at uni? n wot unis r u wanting 2 apply 2??

RE: hi,is there anybody who has 15mins? - CM - 15/10/2004

I'm applyin for Law at Essex, Leicster, LSE, Manchester, Northumbria and Queen Mary's. Wot bout u?

RE: hi,is there anybody who has 15mins? - irisng - 19/10/2004

Try registering on and then private messaging each other your email address, and then emailing the statement???

Hope all goes well guys! English statements must be well hard to write! Hehe mine is all done Toungue although still stressed but at least UCAS is over lol! - now just gotta wait for uni replies...........

RE: hi,is there anybody who has 15mins? - Guest - 20/10/2004

erm...did yuo do ur statement thru ur college? sorry, i couldnt b bothered signing in..its Hannah.wot r u hoping to do at uni??